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Welcome to SweetPanda!

We love delicious things.  And we love pandas.  So, naturally, we decided to combine the two things we love most.

SweetPanda is a husband-and-wife team effort: He picks the flavors, does the shopping, and gathers the ingredients. Oh and he does the taste-testing.  He's the "panda".  She does the mixing, baking, and frosting.  She's the "sweet". 

Our specialty is our hand-crafted real butter buttercream frosting.  Sure, we'll use fondant for decoration ... it's pretty.  But really, who actually likes to eat that stuff? We like butter ... sugar ... cream ... vanilla ... all the good things that life has to offer.

We believe that giving back to our community is important.  We offer a hefty discount to non-profit organizations, and donate a portion of our profits to the Miss Greater Columbus Scholarship Program (an official preliminary to Miss America). Your cake orders help fund scholarships for deserving young women!

Contact us today to talk about what kind of cake or cupcakes you'd like.  We custom bake and hand-frost each order, and make our food in small batches in our very own kitchen (usually to very loud music and tons of giggles). 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Oh, and cash works too. We're flexible like that. Just no personal checks or wooden nickels, please. Our bank doesn't accept wooden nickels.

Want to order a wedding cake?

Check out our wedding site: http://sweetpandaweddings.webs.com

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Contact Us:

4661 Dungannon Drive

Grove City, Ohio 43123

(614) 507-6125

[email protected]

All of our delicious cakes and cupcakes are home produced with love, in compliance with applicable sections of 21 CFR 101 and ORC 3715.